Post the devastation brought by the floods in Chennai in 2015, PepsiCo Foundation, in association with Smile Foundation, provided 1.4 Million litres of Aquafina water and 38000kgs of Quaker oats to 566900 people.

“When the floods hit Chennai in 2015, I was on the road distributing
free bottles of Aquafina water and packets of Quaker oats to people
struggling to get clean drinking water and food. In fact, our entire
sales distribution fleet at PepsiCo’s Chennai unit was mobilised by the
company to distribute water and oats to people in need of help. Since we
knew the sales routes well, we were able to seamlessly ensure
distribution of relief in those areas. I feel proud to be part of a
company that cares and immediately jumped in to help my city at such a
time of need,” says Muthukrishnan, Customer Executive at PepsiCo India."

Working with communities in markets PepsiCo is present in is an integral part of its ‘Performance with Purpose’ vision, which aims to deliver sustainable long-term growth while leaving a positive impact on the society and environment. During the Chennai floods, the company was the only F&B player that distributed 1.4 million litres of Aquafina water and 38,000 kgs of Quaker oats impacting lakhs of lives.

The philosophy of partnership with local communities led PepsiCo to extend help to villages near its Mamandur plant in Tamil Nadu in the aftermath of the floods. At the behest of the communities living in 12 villages, the company started a comprehensive healthcare initiative in association with Smile Foundation. The program runs mobile health clinics and regular health camps that are helping 20,000 villagers and 3,000 children across these villages. 

How Robin benefited from the school health program provided by Smile Foundation and PepsiCo Foundation

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