PepsiCo employees regularly volunteer their time, skills and creative insights to help those in need. Whether helping out in simple ways or seeking solutions to global challenges, PepsiCo employees help make a meaningful difference in the lives of others and have an enduring impact on the communities where they live and work. In 2015, we estimate that more than 120,000 volunteer hours were completed by PepsiCo employees around the world.


PepsiCo Gives Back Volunteering

"PepsiCo embraces volunteerism, provides a wide array of volunteer opportunities to our employees and celebrates the meaningful difference PepsiCo employees make in the diverse communities in which we live and work."

- Tony West
General Counsel, PepsiCo
President, PepsiCo Foundation

PepsiCorps, a program created by a group of associates with the sponsorship of our Chairman and CEO, Indra Nooyi, is an example of how PepsiCo supports the passion of our employees to make a positive impact. PepsiCorps leverages the business skills of volunteer associates from around the world who are deployed in teams to help local communities address societal challenges. 

Since 2011, eight PepsiCorps teams have completed projects in six countries including Ghana, India, Brazil, South Africa, Philippines and the United States to improve and promote rainwater harvesting, encourage healthy eating habits, support sustainable agriculture and empower women to become successful entrepreneurs.

In China, 21 Greater China Region volunteers worked more than 1,000 volunteer hours to establish the Mother Water Cellar project. Working with over 180 primary school students, PepsiCo employees constructed a water purification tower for a rural school in southwest China to benefit over 700 students and teachers.

In addition to installing the tower, PepsiCo volunteers provided sanitation and health training, presented an educational film on water-saving strategies, conducted a water purification experiment and visited rural families in the area.


Food for Good Possibilities

Food for Good was created in 2009 by PepsiCo employees who were inspired by the PepsiCo’s Business Goals: Performance with Purpose. The mission of Food for Good is to make nutritious foods more accessible in inner city communities.

Through collaborations with community and government partners, the program provides free, nutritious meals and fun physical activities to kids during the summer months, when they are out of school and therefore do not have access to government subsidized meals. Together with our valued partners, Food for Good has delivered more than 40 million healthy servings.

Please click here for information about requesting support, including product donations and program sponsorships. Unfortunately, we are unable to accept or respond to unsolicited proposals for PepsiCo Foundation funding.

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